Continuous provision afternoon September 2019

Each week, Year 1 have an afternoon based around our current learning theme. This includes curriculum based learning intentions and areas around the children's interests. This week, some of the areas have included:
(Construction) adding features to our town using either k'nex, lego or loose parts - the children particularly enjoy using the loose parts as their creativity is endless. We have been focusing on human and physical features found in Launceston to link with our current learning. The children added the River Tamar, schools, a bridge, parks, a church, shops, a castle, trees and a hospital to their town. They worked creatively and collaboratively adding to each others ideas and constructions.
(Reading) using an audio CD to practise listening and comprehension skills in order to map out the story using pictoral representations. 
(Geography) the children have been using a variety of maps and aerial views of Launceston to investigate features of the town and map symbols in order to create their own maps. 
(Maths) we have been consolidating our understanding of greater than, less than and equal to. 
(Art) we have been exploring Picasso's Dora Maar to inspire our own portraits focusing on line drawings.