Fluffy on holiday.

16th February 2017

Meet Fluffy. Although currently a lone chicken, Fluffy has certainly made lots of human friends over the past month! When she is not visiting classrooms in her portable, fully-equipped pen, she is being looked after in her outdoor enclosure by a variety of the school's families - huge thanks to all those who have been involved with this. Occasionally, Fluffy comes home with me, to join the other garden poultry - although she's quite given to walking into the house whenever she gets the chance! Fluffy has also been laying eggs, which we are collecting for Breakfast Club.
To lead a proper chicken life however, Fluffy really needs a friend, preferably of her own size, and female! Any suggestions very welcome.
Note on Bird Flu : Fluffy is safe from the disease, as this is to do with contact between wild birds and the chicken's food / water. Wild birds cannot access Fluffy's provisions.