London Residential 2019

Year Five had an amazing trip to London for their 2019 Residential.
The journey up to London went smoothly despite the early start and we arrived early at the Science Museum, our first stop.  Lunch in the schools area was a good introduction to how busy and diverse London is.  The early arrival also gave us time to see some of the incredible exhibits (the evolution of the car and space were firm favourites).  We then went for our Live Wire show on Electricity and then the highlight of the museum for most, the Equinox Gallery, where you have the opportunity to experiment freely in a huge range of scientific areas: friction slides, pulleys, wavelengths, light and shadow, magnetism, liquids, thermal imaging and the huge million volt electrical discharge!  As an added bonus one of the staff came to tell us that our children had been courteous and generous to other visiting school groups.  
After that tremendous introduction we had a sightseeing tour to HMS Belfast.  On arrival at the ship we got to look at where we were going to sleep and explore the mess deck before a short tour of the ship.
In the early evening, we set off for an amazing landmark tour, on our way to dinner.  We passed City Hall, walked over Tower Bridge, stopped at Traitor's Gate and the Tower of London before having a three course dinner at Pizza Express.
We walked back from dinner via the City of London, over London Bridge, beneath the Shard and then back along the wharf to the ship.  We then settled into our mess decks for a bit of quiet time before bed.
Thursday, we travelled through London with the commuters to our tour and  workshop at the Houses of Parliament.  We started with the tour, which included watching a debate in the House of Commons from the viewing gallery.  We managed some photographs, however there are some areas where photography is not allowed.
The voting and election workshop was both fascinating and informative.  In a short space of time and in simple terms the process was acted out by the children:  manifestos, balloting, canvasing, leadership and majorities.
Lunch by the side of the Thames, before the whirlwind of crossing Westminster Bridge to the London Eye.  Delays in the queue gave some of our children an opportunity to have a Fortnite moves competition with one of the London Eye staff (which we won) before we had a panoramic tour of London from the Eye.
We scuttled to the bus nearby, homeward bound and stopping for dinner on the way arrived back at school safe and sound at 9.27pm.  The driver's hours ran out at 9.30 and he did an amazing job to get us back.
The children's manners and behaviour was impeccable and they were ambassadors for the school wherever we went.  
Year Five would also like to thank: Mrs Paul, Mrs Duckworth and Mr Gilbert for all their hard work before and during the visit; Pizza Express for feeding everyone smoothly ad at the same time; Mrs Furber and the office staff keeping parents up to date with events and Paul, our bus driver, getting us everywhere we needed to be on time and as close as he could.