Loose Parts Wanted!

17th July 2018

St Stephens Community Academy are in the process of updating our learning environment to promote open ended play, the children need to access a wide variety of 'loose parts' which they can use to enhance their learning.
Loose parts are materials that can be moved, combined, carried, lined up etc, there are no limits to this type of play, the children can use their imagination to make wonderful creations and act out role-play scenes.
We need your help please, we are looking for donations of :
Guttering, tubes, real tea sets, tea trays, netting, unused rolls of wallpaper, tarpaulins, bungee cords, ropes, golf tees, scarves and fabrics, old hats, belts or watches, handbags, suitcases etc
The list is limitless, anything that may interest a small child.

If you have any of these things lying around or know anyone that does, please could you consider donating them to our Pre-school and Foundation Class , we would be extremely grateful and the children will put them to good use.
Thanks in advance