'Medical Enrichment Morning'-28th November 2018

Class F were fortunate enough to have some medical students visit from Plymouth University this morning for a 'Medical Enrichment' morning. They enjoyed discussing and completing three learning activities.
    Firstly, they discussed their heart rate which involved them checking one another's pulse and discussing the role of their heart. They listened to one another's heartbeat using a stethoscope. Secondly, they looked at a skeleton and discussed the number of bones in the human body. They learnt how the number of bones differed between an adult and a baby and why. They then had to match some plastic bones to where they thought they were in the human body. Finally, they wore theatre caps and tested their reflexes. The students then carried out a 'Teddy Bear Hospital' where they asked each child the name of their teddy and what was wrong with it. The students then treated the children's teddies using plasters and bandages.
    A huge thank you to Mrs Morris for organising this enrichment for us today. The children absolutely loved meeting some trainee doctors and learning all about the human body. We have some budding young doctors in Class F!