Welcome to the Pastoral Team

Welcome to St Stephens Pastoral Care Team

The welfare of our pupils is of paramount importance at St Stephens Community Academy and we take pride in our well-targeted emotional and academic support for all pupils within our care, via the pastoral system. We have a strong pastoral care team which is at the heart of the supportive community that pupils and staff value.

We wish all our pupils to be happy in the school environment as this can have a positive and empowering effect on their ability to learn. All members of staff have responsibilities for the general welfare of pupils.  In addition, a formal pastoral structure exists to care for pupils in particular ways.

Pastoral Support for children within school is delivered by our Pastoral Care Team who work closely together to provide support for the families of St Stephens pupils. They are based in the schools ‘Health & Welfare Room’. This room was established as the school felt it would benefit from:

  • A room where children could go if they needed to calm down or talk to someone;

  • A behaviour recovery room for children to go to if they need to come out of class, to benefit themselves and the other children in their group;

  • Somewhere that children could work without distraction;

  • A dedicated area where we can deliver small SEAL group sessions;

  • A room to be able to meet with parents

Our Governors, School Leaders and Staff understand that sometimes life can be really tough for children and things like falling out with friends, keeping up with excellent behaviour, getting to school on time or coping with difficult circumstances out of school can get in the way of their learning.

The Pastoral Care Team work in partnership with teachers, Learning Support Assistants and parents/carers to provide additional support to all children whose learning can be affected by their emotional, social or behavioural difficulties.The staff are committed to the welfare of all pupils who receive a very high level of pastoral care.  They are encouraged to manage their own behaviour and to take responsibility for their own social skills to help prepare them for moving to secondary school.

We have a great deal of experience within the team supporting  individual pupils with a varying degree of moderate learning difficulties, physical, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Our aim is to establish and maintain a relationship with our pupils to ensure that they know there is an adult they can approach if they are worried or in difficulty.  We would like to ensure that our pupils feel safe and secure and that there are adults within school who they can talk to and who will listen to them.

The Pastoral Care Team undertakes ongoing relevant training to ensure that they are able to develop productive and supportive relationships with parents to support the needs of pupils and their families. We also liaise with outside agencies and are able to offer advice or to refer or signpost parents to additional support within the community Care Support Team.

Getting in touch is easy:              

  • Speak to any member of the Pastoral Team you feel comfortable talking to

  • Contact the Pastoral Team on 01566 772170 or via the school office

  • Email: ststephens@andaras.org for the attention of the Pastoral Team

Mrs Debbie Bartlett

Pastoral lead and Sendco

Mrs Claire Paul

Safeguarding / Attendance Officer

Mrs Sharon Baxter

Parent Support Advisor