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Putting Fun Back into Food!
 KS2 were highly entertained by Chartwell's 'Putting Fun Back into Food' workshop on Tuesday 1st December 2015.
After a discussion on the importance of food and the 'Eat Well Plate' ( the 5 food groups), Chef Dan asked Noah to come up and make a super smoothie with his blending bike! In the smoothie there were strawberries, banana, orange juice and grapes, all healthy ingredients!
Once he had finished, he brought the two teams up (red and green) and showed them the ingredients that they had to make a dish with. They had 15 minutes to create a meal from scratch, which had to be exactly like the recipe showed.
Chef Dan started the timer and the groups rushed to perfect their food, although they still had extra time to cook.
Eventually, they ran out of time and had to leave the decision of who won to the school, who held up cards with the colour of the team that they thought did the best.
The team that won was...RED, with their amazing Chinese chicken and noodles. The other team (green) made Mexican rice and kidney beans with a toasted tortilla slice, a tomato salsa and a cucumber raita.
After that, both groups got to try what they and the opposite team had cooked in the 15 minutes they were given and, We must say, they both looked and smelt delicious!
Written by Charlotte and Aiden ( Class 5)
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