Rotavator gets to grips with grass!

19th February 2017

Back in the summer holidays, the idea of digging a wildflower meadow for St Stephen's school grounds, seemed like an excellent one. Then we started the job of stripping the turf! Classes across the school had a go at getting rid of the grass over the course of September and October. The whole school had a go at removing the grass during Outdoor Learning Day II in November. Our sponsored diggers had another good go at it, despite the wind and mud - that was at the end of January. However, the grass was still winning ... until today! 
Thanks to Heather, Jodie, Jodie's dad and an assortment of children, we got the marvellous rotavator to finish what the diggers of the past few months had started! A little more work on ground preparation is needed and then we will be ready to sow.
It is hoped that eventually the area will attract a variety insects and maybe the occasional roaming hedgehog - all part of doing our bit for much needed bio-diversity. This is one of several projects planned for our outdoor area, so watch this space! ... And a big thank you to all the parents who have supported in their various ways over the last few months.