Science investigation - November 2019

This week the children were tasked with investigating rocks in order to find out which type of rock would be best suited to building a set of stone steps outside. Through class discussion they decided that their steps would need to be hard, tough and able to withstand both pressure and weather. They were introduced to the terms durability and permeability and told that they would need to plan and carry out an investigation using a given list of equipment with the aim of finding out how durable and permeable each rock was. The children worked incredibly well in their groups and discussed how they would ensure that their test was fair so that they would obtain accurate results. Once the plans were shared and some tweaking was done, we wrote up the first part of our science investigation (including the aim, hypothesis, equipment and method) before getting stuck in to the practical investigation. All groups were in agreement that sandstone is permeable (allows water to pass through it) whilst both granite and slate are impermeable (waterproof). They also came to the conclusion that sandstone was the least durable rock with granite being the most durable. They then used their results to decide upon granite as being the most suitable rock for building a set of stone steps outside.