Spectacular Sponsorship

15th June 2017

Congratulations to all of the children at St Stephens for a fantastic Sports for Schools Paralympic event.


In total we raised £592.20, an amazing amount of sponsorship money. The school will gain a large percentage of all money raised for purchasing new PE Equipment and many young British athletes will receive financial assistance towards their future training expenses and development.


The total has now been submitted to ‘Sports for Schools’. They will shortly be sending through rewards for children who managed to raise over £5.


If you raised over £5 you will receive a Sports for Schools wrist band, over £15 and you will receive a Sports for Schools wrist band and a wrist band autographed by Dan James, and if you raised over £30 will receive both of the above as well as an autographed A4 poster of Dan James.


Pupil Forum will soon be discussing how the children at St Stephens would like to spend the sports vouchers that we have gained from the event.


Many thanks again for your hard work and continued support.