Summer 2019

Summer 2019: Animals
Our Focus for learning this term is Animals- naming, grouping and finding out how to look after them. 
We have created artwork, been on animal hunts and read lots of animal stories. 
Have a look at the pictures of our learning.
Newquay Zoo Trip
We visited Newquay Zoo on Friday 28th June. We saw lots of animals that we had been learning about. We saw lions, snakes, zebras, meercats, penguins and we got to stroke a goat in the Village farm. It was a fun day out with our friends.
Outdoor learning with Mrs Gilbert
Class 7 have enjoyed Wildtribe with Mrs Gilbert. We have been making shelters and rolling cars down slopes.
Mini-beast Hunt
We have looked for min-beasts outside in different places. WE found wood-lice, snails, slugs, butterflies and bees.
We looked at them through magnifying glass in the classroom. The magnifying glass makes them look bigger so it is easier to see them.