Topic afternoon

Our topic this half term is 'amazing animals and marvellous me'. Our afternoon activities today have included; exploring body parts as part of our science learning and creating animal watercolour masterpieces inspired by artwork by Brian Wildsmith. The children created some incredible artwork. We have been discussing similarities and differences between our bodies and animal bodies and that some people need glasses, hearing aids or prosthetics to help certain body parts function. 
Here are some of the things that the children discussed:
"Messages are sent to our brains...They bounce about to tell us to do different things."
"My skull protects my brain."
"Your skeleton is you without any skin...It's all of your bones inside!"
"Some people need hearing aids to help them hear...My Granny wears hearing aids and they help her to hear better."
"Ribs protect youor heart and lungs."
"I used to need a hearing band...It activated the sounds inside so I could hear...I don't need it now!"