Topic learning

This week, Year 1 have had lots of fun with their topic learning. We have been learning about the life cyle of a plant and what plants need to grow. We planted broad bean seeds in plastic cups with cotton wool and are observing any changes. These are being recorded weekly. The children have been very excited to see roots appearing already! We have also subjected some beans to test conditions - sunlight and water, sunlight but no water, no sunlight but water, no sunlight and no water...we will be updating the results and testing our predictions.
We have also been learning about artwork created by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The children have been discussing their opinions on his artwork and writing adjectives about the fuit and vegetables he used in his portraits. We then created our own portriats inspired by his creations. I think we have some super artists in our class! Can you tell who's is who?!
In addition to this, the children have been discovering where our fruit and vegetables come from. Where they grow and how they grow. We have been looking at climate and produce being transported from overseas, as well as the types of plants that produce the fuit and vegetables; do they grow above the ground or below, does it change colour when it is ripe? We then used magnifying glasses and created observational drawings of a variety of fruit and vegetables and made predictions for what they would be like on the inside when we cut them open...we finished off by testing them too! We had a 'mystery item' to draw - a passion fruit!