What does mould need to grow?

We investigated which factors that mould required to grow and were fascinated by the results. Observations created further questions for investigation -we have now frozen a piece of bread to observe whether this will kill the fungi or just halt its growth until it has the right conditions. 
When making our predictions we used our prior learning on what all organisms needed to live in order to give scientific explanations.
Our results confirmed this although we were able to identify possible factors for different results between the 2 groups investigating the same conditions eg: it was not a fair test as one group may have added more water to create damp conditions than the other group, this would explain why there was more mould.  We also used our maths learning to calculate the percentage of bread covered in mould.
We also learnt how in history, villages would keep a ' year-old mouldy'  loaf which was used for medicinal purposes -the precursor to the discovery of penicillin.