World Book Day

Thursday 7th March was World Book Day and saw class 3 coming to school dressed up as a variety of book characters! We were very impressed with the costumes and would like to thank the families for putting in so much effort. 
After lunch, we spent some time thinking about books and what they mean to us. Using images and quotes as a stimulus, the children really thought carefully about why books are so great and why we are so lucky to have them. 
We discussed how books allow us to enter all kinds of places and be all kinds of characters. We marvelled at how we can be sat in our living room or in our classroom or on the bus, but in our minds we can be in far off lands and going on all sorts of adventures. Many of the children agreed that books are a special kind of magic. 
When asked to write down a reason why books are so wonderful, one child presented the following poem:
A book is a door to a perfect dream, 
A book is a waterfall of imagination, 
A book is a box full of memories, 
A book is a sea of creativity, 
A book is your fake reality. 
Wow! Miss Vincent thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day with Class 3 and hopes that the children did too.