Year F's Garage Trip

20th November 2018

On Tuesday 20th November, Year F visited Vanstone’s Garage in Newport Industrial Estate as their class topic is ‘Cars’. The children had the opportunity to have a tour of the various areas of the garage including the reception area, the parts department, the main garage, the paint mixing and spraying room and MOT testing space. They learnt about the different jobs involved in being a mechanic including how to change a tyre, how brakes are tested during an M.O.T and how a vehicle is spray painted.The pupils had the opportunity to ask the questions they had thought of, as well as sitting in Vanstone's tow truck and learning about how the garage help members of the public who have broken down! A huge thank you to Vanstone’s Garage for allowing Year F to visit and taking the time out of their very busy day to talk to us. The children learnt lots and listened and behaved beautifully.  Finally, a big thank you to our parent helpers for coming on the trip with us.