Performing Arts

Performing Arts at St Stephens Community Academy

The community of St Stephens loves the Performing Arts. We recognise the immense value of all the Arts, in developing transferable skills for life, as well as for the confidence, joy and personal satisfaction brought about by being part of an event or production.  


Class projects.

* Arts, Crafts, DT and Music integrated across curriculum subject teaching.

* Access to outdoor Arts activities through Outdoor Learning / 'Wild Tribe'.

* Subject-specific Arts teaching.

* Arts practitioners working with classes, such as :

Opera project - Create and Sing Carmen; whole-class instrumental teaching (keyboards) through the Cornwall Music Hub; Royal Shakespeare Partnership Project; Song Fest schools festival; Snappy Opera (Magical Musical Tree); Shakespeare for Schools Festival (Midsummer Night's Dream).   


Community Events.

For example :

Song Fest performance in the Town Hall; Mayor's Ball performance in the Town Hall; singing at local care homes; Samba in the Launceston Carnival; art and music in the Lantern Parade; art and music at Late Night Christmas Shopping; art contributions to the Christmas display at St Mary Magdalene Church; choir rehearsals at St Stephen's Church. 


Lunch times.

Daily singing and dancing sessions in the playground, led by Year Six; Junk Band instruments for group drumming.



Samba; Junk Band; Choir; Art and Craft - offered for different events and at different times throughout the school year. These sometimes involve working with clubs from other schools within our An Daras Academy, which the children really enjoy.

Clubs will generally work towards a final outcome, for instance, we are aiming to record some of our musicians in a studio at the end of this academic year.


Instrumental Teaching.

We currently offer small-group lessons on Guitars, Keyboards and Drums. Mr Parkin and Mr Lintel are both fantastic musicians as well as experienced teachers, and work with the school to produce a variety of individual and group performances.

We are also proud to be able to offer subsidised music lessons for children from families with lower incomes, so that access to skilled instrumental learning is available to all.


Day Visits and Residential Experiences.

Our classes try to go out and about whenever possible, whether locally or further afield. Generally visits are linked to Topic learning, and always contain some elements of the Arts. For further information, please visit the class web pages. 


There will also be, over the course of a year, other events / work with specialist practitioners, that happen as one-off opportunities. Our teachers are always willing to be adaptable and accommodate these chances as and when they come along!    


Below are a selection of photographs, in which we hope that the dedication, enthusiasm and great measures of initiative and skill, are evident in the expressions of our children.