Academy Uniform

Currently the recommended clothing for the school is as follows:

Boys: Navy sweatshirt with school logo, white shirt or polo shirt, dark trousers or tailored shorts.

Girls: Navy sweatshirt with school logo, white blouse or polo shirt, dark skirt, tailored shorts or pinafore dress or trousers or blue & white gingham dresses.

Plain black shoes or trainers for boys and girls (no heels)

Plain dark boots in the winter can be worn as long as they have no heel or long tassels that could cause the child to trip or fall.

Sensible sandals that are flat and provide good support can be worn with socks in the summer.

Children are expected to have a change of clothing for P.E. and games. We recommend T shirt, shorts and plimsolls. It is advisable to have trainers and / or football boots for use on the playing field at junior age. Kit should be left in school all week in some form of named bag. Children are also required to have an outdoor learning kit in school.

P.E. Kit: White T-shirt, navy shorts, plimsolls (jogging bottoms in the winter for KS2               children can be worn for use on the playing field).


School sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, P.E. Kit (round neck shirts with the school logo embroidered on them, shorts and P.E. Bag) can also be ordered from the school office. A 50% deposit will be required with orders. Other items such as book bags,hats, caps, sew on badges and P.E. bags are available on request.

Jewellery is a nuisance in school and can be dangerous in P.E., swimming and craft lessons. Therefore the wearing of jewellery is not permitted. This includes rings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Children with pierced ears may wear studs only.

Watches may be worn, but the school cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage.

No nail varnish and no dyed hair.