Autumn 1 2019

All About Me
Week 16.9.19
This week we have been learning more about our bodies. We have enjoyed learning songs like Hokey Cokey and If You are Happy. 
We have been following instructions with Mr Potato Head and Fuzzy Felt Faces to see if we can get it right.
We had fun drawing around our bodies, exploring sounds made by instruments, investigated touch and feel of different mixtures. On Thursday we did a Barefoot Trail around the grounds.
All about Me
September 9.9.19
Today we looked in mirrors to notice our faces. 
We then remade our faces by looking at the picture. 
Some of us had a go at making a jumbled up face with a bit of everyone's face!
Learning in Class 7
We love to learn in Class 7. We learn at our workstations inside. We start with our tray tasks in the morning and then we will take part in learning activities with an adult. 
In the afternoon we are outside as much as possible exploring different ways of moving things, water and mud play, making sounds. Lots of sensory activities, independent exploration and social skill development eg. learning to share or play alongside.