Welcome to the PTFA section!

Being involved on the PTFA is enjoyable and rewarding but don’t just take our word for it....


We’d like to warmly welcome you to St Stephens PTFA. All parents are automatically members of the PTFA when their children join our school, so welcome, it’s lovely to have you on board. We are a parents, teachers and friends association which allows us to involve the wider community in what we do.

Comments from Staff, Pupils and Parents

The PTFA plays a critical part in providing extra opportunities for the children across the whole school and we really hope that all parents can play an active and productive part – Mr Hermon (Exec Head Teacher)

Through hard, dedicated work, the PTFA help to raise funds for school to purchase resources that we would otherwise not be able to afford – Miss Moore (Class teacher)

It’s great to see the children and their families having a good time at the events that we help to organise, especially knowing that it will raise money for the school at the same time. (PTFA member)

The summer fayre is my favourite because there’s so much to do. (pupil)

Discos are my favourite because we get to dance with our friends and the DJ is cool! (pupil)

What do we do?

In a nutshell ‘we do the fun bits’. We organise the fund raising events that the children love, and spend the money raised on the invaluable things that make their school life richer and more enjoyable.

The main aims of the PTFA are:
  1. To bring together staff and parents.
  2. To organise activities and fundraising events which enable us to provide the school with new equipment to enhance the children’s education.
Successful fundraisers we have held:

Easter Bingo, Summer Fayre, Christmas Fayre, Cake sales, Jumble sales, Beach Party, Discos, Penny trails, Quiz nights, recycled uniform sales, Rag Bag unwanted textiles & books collections and donations bin, Freeze pop Fridays, 50/50 club, Sports Day Lollies.

What has the money been spent on?

In the past we have raised money through various events and here are just some of the things the PTFA have been able to donate funds towards in the past:

Year 6 leavers presents, Classroom equipment Class 4, Donation to Christmas & Easter activity days, School Christmas trip coaches, PVC Tablecloth, Camera for Class 6, New toys for Class 1, Coach fares for Classes F +3 school trips, Spiderweb for KS1 playground, Christmas crackers, Christmas pantomime, Class 6 PGL trip coaches, Donation to all after school clubs.

We are now aiming to purchase waterproofs and we have recently purchased a large number of new 'Guided Reading' materials for Key Stage 2.

Meet the committee

Chairperson – Helen Coole (Mum of Oliver class 5)
Secretary –Joint between Laura Osborne (Mum of Amber in Class F and Evie in Class 4) and Gareth Lancaster (Dad of Harry in Class F)
Treasurer- Sally Lankston (Mum of Jack in Class 4)
Teacher Representative- Miss Moore

Committee members

Heather Gregory, Kerry Holland, Sam Mayer, Marie Whitley (School governor), Becky Towe, 
Katie Pidgeon, Jamie Duckworth, Tamara Walker, Katy Lacey

Committee members – We need a committee as we can’t run without one so please join us if you can. The committee meets once a term or before a big event.

Committee Minutes

Below are the minutes from the recent PTFA meetings. If you would like to have a copy, please pop along to the school office who will be able to provide you with one.
PTFA Events

Please see the document below which outlines the proposed PTFA events for 2016-2017. There is also a description of the resources/events which the PTFA have funded as well as an outline as to how much money has been raised at each event. 
How to contact us

Catch any of us in the playground before or after school, drop a note in the school office or pop along to the next meeting, everyone is welcome. Keep an eye on the PFTA noticeboard at the entrance to the playground.

How you can help

We don’t ask for a big commitment or a lot of your time. Just attend meetings when you can and help in organising events as it suits you e.g. help to man a stall at the Summer fayre, wrap gifts for the VIP visitor at Christmas or help to organise donated cakes before a cake sale, it’s as simple as that.

We always need new members to keep the PTFA running and always appreciate new ideas. Any suggestions for new fundraising events can be handed into the school office.

Come along to the next meeting and see how you can make a difference.
Summer Fayre 2016