Welcome To The PTFA Section
On behalf of St Stephen’s Community Academy Parents Teachers Friends Association, we’d like to warmly welcome you to our community! All parents/carers are automatically members of the PTFA when their children join our school and pre-school, so welcome, it’s lovely to have you on board. Being a member means that you are invited to our family events, welcome to help out where possible, encouraged to share ideas with the committee and invited to attend any open meetings.

As well as our valued members we need a committee or we can’t run a PTFA. We have an elected committee and several committee members who work hard to organise the PTFA and it’s events.

Committee Members

CHAIRPERSON - Laura Osborne (Mum of  Amber, Class 3)
SECRETARY – Katy Lacey (Mum of Jessica, Class 4 & Megan, Class 1)
TREASURERS- Gareth Lancaster (Dad of Harry, Class 3 & Willow, Class F) and Tamara Walker (Mum of Emily , Class 4 and Alice , Pre-School).
TEACHER REPRESENTATIVE – Mrs Kari Gilbert (Creative & Outdoor Leader)
COMMITTEE MEMBERS - Katie Pidgeon, Lindsey Tape, Sam Clark, Laura Parrin, Zoe Mitchell,Helen McGinnes.

The committee meet each half term to plan the events and activities. We hold our open AGM at the beginning of the school year, where we discuss the year ahead and formally vote in our Committee Members. We also hold some open meetings for sharing ideas, that everyone is welcome to attend.
Please contact the PTFA Chair if you wish to become a full committee member.

What does the PTFA do?

In a nutshell ‘we do the fun bits’. We organise the fund-raising events that the children love, we then spend the money raised on the invaluable things that the school’s budget just can’t cover, making your child’s school life richer and more enjoyable. Requests can be made by staff and pupils for specific items for individual classes or for resources that will benefit the whole school. 

Our main aims are:
1. To bring together staff, parents and children providing closer links between home and school.
2. To organise fun activities and fundraising events which enable us to provide the school with new equipment and experiences that enhances the children’s education and our school’s facilities.

What is the money raised used for?

Here just SOME of the things the PTFA has donated funds towards over recent years…
Year 6 leavers presents. Classroom equipment and toys. A yearly donation of £100 to each class. Vouchers and gifts towards school reward schemes. Coach fares for a range of school trips including Trust Events, Key Stage 2 Annual Cinema Trip and Class 6 PGL trip. Christmas crackers. Waterproof clothing for outdoor learning across the school. 'Guided Reading' materials for Key Stage 2. Read Write Inc resources for Key Stage 1. Audio system for the school hall. Ice Lollies for all on the last day!

How can I help my school’s PTFA?

As part of our PTFA, you’re not obligated to attend meetings nor volunteer huge amounts of your valuable time; you can participate as much or as little as you would like to, finding a balance that is right for you while supporting your children’s learning and experiences. There are many ways to help us and all help is gratefully received, along with any donations!
- Come to open meetings to share ideas…you may have contacts or skills we could use.
- Offer to help at specific events.
- Offer behind the scenes support ahead of events e.g. making resources, shopping, distributing flyers, wrapping gifts, preparing raffle tickets.
- Attend the events that are offered, making each event more successful.
- Encourage your children to come to discos, film clubs etc.
- Enquire at your place of work if they would support our PTFA charity and its events; some offer funding or donate prizes.

How do I know what’s happening?

Please regularly check the website, read the school newsletters and keep an eye on our noticeboard at the entrance to the playground. We also send out reminders using the school’s texting system. Please look out for the yellow letters and forms in your child’s bag about upcoming events, spare copies are always available at the school office.

Successful fundraising events we have held:

Bingo Nights. Annual Fayres. Cake Sales. Discos. Quiz Nights. Recycled Uniform Sales. 50/50 Club. After School Cinema. Competitions.
We have some new ideas for this year too!

So why is it important to be involved?

As you know, your children are very influenced by what you do and say. If your child hears positive things from you about school they will be more positive; if they see you getting involved and having fun at their school, that makes a big difference too. Or as the experts put it –
“The effect of parental engagement over a student’s school career is the equivalent of adding an extra two or three years to that student’s education” by John Hattie, Visible Learning 2008.

Comments about your PTFA…

“The PTFA plays an invaluable  part in our school life at St Stephen. It empowers our families and friends to work together to provide enjoyable fundraising activities that benefit the whole school community."
Head Teacher

“The disco is one of my favourite things because I get to see all my friends after school!”

"My child loves attending PTFA events, I'm happy to contribute towards extras for our school while my daughter gets to mix with her friends."

“It’s great to see the children and their families having a good time at the events that we help to organise, especially knowing that it will raise money for the school at the same time.”
PTFA member

How to contact the PTFA:
You can contact us by email:, pop a note into the school office for a member of the PTFA to contact you or catch a committee member in the playground.

St Stephens Community Academy PTFA is a fully insured and registered charity
(Charity Number: 1144421)

The PTFA look forward to seeing you at our events!