Welcome to Class 7 – ARB (Area Resource Base) at St Stephens School.

The ARB is taught by Mrs K Walsh (ARB teacher) & supported by four very experienced Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Fry, Mrs Steele, Mrs Every, Miss Southall and Mrs Cowling who supports at mealtimes. 

The ARB classroom is a stimulating learning environment in which all pupils succeed through a safe, happy and fun atmosphere centred on working as a team. It is well managed, well resourced, focussed and organised. Staff and pupils are valued and included, and are clear and confident in their roles and responsibilities.

St Stephen’s ARB recognises pupils’ individual needs and enables pupils to achieve their full potential. It is a place where everyone feels valued and pupils and their families feel supported. It is well managed and everyone moves forward together. There is a strong sense of team work and recognition of the value of working as a multi-disciplinary team. Excellent specialist resources and high staffing ratios enable us to focus on the particular needs of each individual pupil.

An ARB pupil is happy and content and can achieve their full potential and be proud of their achievements. They are able to make a positive contribution to school life and become well-rounded members of their community.

The ARB curriculum is fun and engaging, it is relevant and meaningful and takes into account the needs of the whole child providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve their full potential. We place a strong emphasis on Life Skills and independence for all our pupils.

Learning for Life

In the ARB there is an emphasis on developing life skills as well as acquiring knowledge and understanding. We have tailored our curriculum around the skills that each individual needs to learn in order to gain as much independence as possible in life. These skills could include; washing and dressing, toileting, sorting and organising or preparing food. 

Our regular visits into the wider school community ensure that our pupils enjoy, as well as maximise, their learning. Programmes of study are personalised for each young person. We feel that our pupils learn best when the curriculum is tailored to their interests and strengths.  

Multi-Professional Support

St Stephen’s ARB works very closely with a number of NHS professionals. These are tailored to meet the needs of the pupils on roll in the current cohort and whichever Professionals are involved with that child at that time. We have regular support from the Cornwall Communication support team.