Election Day at SSCA

11th July 2019

British Values well and truly in action at St Stephens Community Academy this week. For several weeks pupils in Year 5 have been canvasing for support,plastering posters around the school, working with their campaign  teams and perfecting their manifestoes. The results of all this hard work were demonstrated in our Monday assembly when the candidates stood in front of the whole school and put forward their proposals. On Thursday the whole school held a democratic vote- via a secret ballot. This was planned, organised and led by the current Year 6 pupils and monitored closely by staff to ensure no foul play. The votes were then counted, (and  re-counted) and verified and then the  results were shared by the current House Captains in the afternoon assembly on Thursday. A huge congratulations to the chosen candidates but equally to the others running for election. We would also like to express our sincere thanks to the outgoing Captains for their hard work, dedication and support across many aspects of the life of our wonderful school. #mutualrespect. #toleranceofothers. #individualliberty. #ruleoflaw.