Learning New Sport Skills

27th January 2021

This term, children in years 3 and 4 have been working alongside an Arena coach and have been given the opportunity to try new sports.

In the first session the children developed their skills in basketball, with good weather they were able to get outside and learn the skills of dribbling, dribbling on the move and to develop the skills of shooting. With many baskets scored by the children.  

In the following session the children were introduced to fencing. They learnt the names of all the equipment used in fencing, the foil, helmet and protector vest. The children were also shown the main moves of fencing which included ‘On guard’, salute and the lunge.  They took part in mini ‘bouts’ of fencing in pairs, using their newly learnt skills.

In their latest session the children took part in archery. They had to utilise their concentration skills and focus to use a bow and aim the arrow at the target. The children were able to work in small groups and develop their shooting skills to score. The children have enjoyed the sports so far and are looking forward to taking part in many different sports this half term.