Bright Clothes Day!

19th November 2021

The children at our school have been collecting money today for the Cornwall Air Ambulance. We know it is Children in Need day, but our Pupil Forum felt we should use today for our children in need. This is for a very personal reason.
Today we are commemorating a darling girl who attended our school who sadly died in the summer holidays. The fantastic Air Ambulance had previously been on site the term before and supported the child and her family.
At her funeral, all donations made were for the Air Ambulance to show the parents gratitude for such a wonderful organisation. The parents have fully supported today in memory of their dear daughter.
All the children are dressed in bright colours because the little girl LOVED to draw and colour. Her favourite colour was red-perfect for the Air Ambulance.
Thank you everyone so much for your generosity -our House Captains are busy counting the money so we will let you know the exact amount raised ASAP ....its currently over £180 . A HUGE thanks .