Letter to Children

22nd March 2020

Dear Children                                                                 
I am writing this to you all now because for most of you this will be the first week your parents and carers have had to keep you at home because of the Corona virus spreading and we need to keep everyone safe. Friday was your last day at school for a long time and when you come back lots of things will have changed. It won’t be Spring anymore. You might come back into the next year group and there might be new teachers and new friends to get to know. BUT…lots and lots of things won’t change.          
All the adults at St Stephens will carry on thinking about you every single day because we all found it so hard to say farewell last week. We will laugh at the funny things you have done, and will wonder what you are up to and what you are reading now. We will hope you are safe and doing the very important job you have been given to help stop the spread of the virus-and are washing your hands! We will carry on planning learning activities for you to do –keep checking the website and look in your packs sent home. We hope you are sharing special times with your families, playing games, having fun and quiet moments sharing stories together or a cuddle on the sofa watching movies.                   
I want to tell you some important things. 
  • Don’t be frightened. You may hear some things that you are worried about, but these are not worries for you. Tell someone you trust about your worry and let them look after it for you. 
  • The children who are going to be coming back to school are not more special than you. We are going to be looking after them for a while because their parents are doing some particularly important jobs right now to help keep us safe.
  • There are some good things happening during this unusual time. There is less air travel and as a result the environment is getting a bit of a rest and, who knows, maybe we can work out new and better ways of doing things in the future because we have to. People are talking to each other and offering to help each other more. That is a very good thing make sure you do that too.
  • Even though you will be missing some school, you can still learn and try your best at everything you do. Dear Year 6’s we will make sure your ‘Leavers’ Assembly happens-trust us. We know this will be an especially emotional and tricky time for you guys.
So although we have had to say goodbye to each other for a while, please keep singing, playing, making, drawing, writing, problem-solving and learning about our amazing world. We are having an adventure and like all real adventures, we have to be brave.
If anyone can do this “Team St Stephens” can! 
Stay safe, be kind and we can’t wait to see you all again soon.
Mrs Furber ‘