Great British Beach Clean

27th September 2021

On Tuesday 21st September, Years Four and Five joined the Great British Beach Clean week, by cleaning up litter found in our local area. We were accompanied by Jules Agate from the Marine Conservation Society, and she helped us to learn that much of the litter found in the sea, was actually dropped in our towns and cities. Children also completed an activity that showed us, how a piece of litter washed into the street drain outside our school, eventually surfaces in .... Saltash! 
The most commonly found items of litter, were cigarette butts and snack bar wrappers. Children were concerned about what this means for our health, as well as for the environment. 
Whilst Year Five were busy on the roads, Year Four were busy around the school grounds. Between the two year groups, 5kgs of litter was collected. 
Well done Years Four and  Five!