Year 2 Eden Project

12th March 2020

Year Two visited the Eden Project as part of National Science Week. They took an exciting journey through the world of plants, unlocking the secrets of what makes our green friends thrive and survive.

The workshop took children on a sensory journey to find out how clever plants are. The children were introduced to parts of plants and their uses, using props, movement and pictures.

They then gathered plant facts and examples around Eden during a hands-on discovery walk. Back in the education centre, they reviewed their new found knowledge and generated new questions for further research.

The workshop started and ended in the education centre workshop room, and included an exploration of the Mediterranean and Rainforest Biomes, as well as the outdoor gardens.

This workshop enabled children to:

  • identify key parts of plants - roots, stems, leaves and flowers
  • show their understanding that these plant parts are all important and do different ‘jobs’ for the plant
  • observe plants closely, describing similarities and differences
  • ask questions prompted by their observations