Year 1 and 2 Castle and Museum Trip

3rd October 2019

Today Year 1 and 2 visited Launceston Castle and The Lawrence House Museum. Each of the classes have been learning about Launceston and Cornwall as part of their theme learning and this was a great way to bring the learning to life, making links with the 'real world'.
They were also super resilient by walking the 45min hilly walk there and back again.
Launceston Castle is set on a large natural mound, Launceston Castle dominates the surrounding landscape. Begun soon after the Norman Conquest, its focus is an unusual keep consisting of a 13th-century round tower built by Richard, Earl of Cornwall, inside an earlier circular shell-keep. The tower top can be reached via an internal staircase but once reached, offers breathtaking views of the historic town and countryside.
The Lawrence House museum is a fine Georgian house built in 1753, located in a street which John Betjeman described as ‘having the most perfect collection of 18th Century townhouses in Cornwall’. It is owned by the National Trust and leased to Launceston Town Council, who use it to house the town museum, and as a civic centre.
For more photos have a look at the class blogs.