Indian Dance Day - Bollywood Style

7th April 2022

Today the children and staff were privileged to have been taught by Kalpesh Zalavadiya who is the founder of KZ Dance Entertainment Ltd.He is an experienced dance teacher, choreographer, performer and entertainer.  All the children enjoyed workshops throughout the day and learnt about Indian culture and traditions. It was beautiful  to see the different Bollywood dance shapes the children made come together in their final dance performance. They managed to learn three choreographed dances and they were thrilled to see their achievement when the dances came together with the lively, happy Bollywood music. Kapesh’s passion for dance was infectious.
The children thoroughly enjoyed this cultural physical experience and it looked like the parents also enjoyed watching and joining in with the shared performance at the end of the afternoon. 
Bollywood comes to St Stephens! What a fantastic day - one to definitely remember .