Settlements through Time.

17th September 2019

To kick off our 'Settlements through Time - Stone age to Iron age' theme, class 3 had a morning of outdoor learning in the second week back. Firstly, we went fossil hunting after receiving a letter from an archaeologist from the University of Bristol! We armed ourselves with paintbrushes, rulers and trowels and set to work - we found a huge variety of stone age tools and other items. We brushed the fossils off very carefully before measuring them with rulers. After break, we started thinking about when the stone age was and how early humans would have lived whilst sat around a campfire. We talked about BC and AD as well as about how the discovery of fire would have changed life for the better as it would have provided warmth, light, the ability to cook meat and protection from predators. We had a lovely morning and are excited to get stuck in to our first theme.