Launceston College Netball Festival

8th February 2022

This week, 14 pupils from Years 5 and 6 attended a Netball Festival organised by Launceston College. During the morning session, the pupils learnt netball drills, how to shoot and the rules of each of the positions in a netball team. The afternoon was full of matches ( for our two teams of 7) where a lot of fun was had and teamwork was certainly employed. All of the pupils were true ambassadors for Team St Stephens, displaying impeccable manners and a positive team ethos. 
Some of the quotes from the day include: ‘ The most fun part was playing matches against other teams and I have learnt a lot about teamwork and how to be more involved.’ , ‘ I really enjoyed the netball tournament as we had to overcome challenges the further we went in the tournament, ‘  and finally, ‘ I enjoyed the competition between the different schools and some people there were really friendly.’
There were 11 teams from primary schools in the local area and one of our teams won the tournament overall: a fantastic well done to all involved.