Jubilee Inspired Dance Workshops

25th May 2022

Jubilee Inspired Dance Workshops 
We have been really fortunate to have had dance sessions with a professional dancer called Sally Kinght who is the Artistic Director of Cscape Dance Company. Sally taught each group a dance based on thePlatinum Jubilee.
We thought about how we could represent different events that are happening and how to use circles to compose a duet around crowns, hats and orbs. We use unison, cannon and group movements in our dance to build up to our performances to each other.
Sally left the following comment :
“Didn’t get to say goodbye at the end of the day, but just wanted to say thanks for having me and a huge thanks and well done to your fantastic children and thanks to your teachers!
The children were all super creative, fabulous team players and with amazing behaviour to
boot, so an absolute pleasure to work with!”
Watching the children in action I think we can definitely say they loved this enrichment opportunity