Youth Council Meeting

7th May 2021

On Friday afternoon the Youth Council met with Mrs Young , the Launceston Council Chairperson, to discuss issues that effect young people in our community. These included how to make the square more inviting to bring people into the town, the impact a new library hub in the square would have and how the leisure centre can be updated to increase the amount of young people that use it. We also learnt that Launceston are having a three day event to consider the impact of climate change. The local schools have been invited to produce a 3D model linked to 'Climate Change' for the event. Mrs Young is going to provide some further information and some books to support our ideas. 
We have also been very fortunate to secure a further £400 for the Youth Councillors to pursue their Y6 garden project. This money will enable us to purchase a special bench for the area and the councillors are going to write to local garden centres to see if they will donate some plants and ground cover to help the development. 
British Values well and truly in action today -well done Zac, Lillie, James and Meghan. You represented our school brilliantly.