St Stephens Music Representatives

9th November 2020

New Music Representatives for St Stephens Community Academy

Before the half term holiday, two of our St Stephens students represented us in a new venture. The Cornwall Music Service Trust invited local schools to select one or two children to be spokespersons on matters relating to music. From St Stephens, Logan in Y6 was chosen, for his contributions to class keyboard lessons, and Amber in Y5, for her consistent contribution to music in the school over the last few years.

As representatives, they will be awarded a badge, and will have to attend meetings by Zoom every month to share ideas with CMST staff and with children from other schools.

As the first meeting was held at 4pm, Amber and Logan were able to go home and Zoom from the comfort of their own houses! They were asked about their musical experiences during lockdown, and what sorts of activities went on at school during more normal times.

If anyone has anything they would like to say about music, or ideas to suggest, just see Logan or Amber and they can report it for you at the next meeting!

Well done both, for being excellent school representatives- music plays such an important part in our school and so its great to know you are there ensuring it remains a priority.